• Intellectual Property

    Patent Law

    Patenting an invention is often a necessary first step to making sure your idea can become a business. This is especially so for individuals and small businesses who hope to receive outside funding to make their ideas happen.


    I am a registered patent practitioner and am deeply immersed in the science and technology community in Philadelphia.


    That patent must also be enforced. Enforcing your patent requires a skilled litigator who not only defends it against infringers, but also is prepared to protect the patent-holder from attacks by those infringers.


    I defend patents against infringers through litigation.


    Trademark Law


    Trademarks are an important way of protecting your brand. In addition, consulting with a trademark attorney before you finalize your branding is a safe way to ensure that your brand is strong. Doing so protects you against oppositions from other trademark holders and makes it more likely that your trademark will be granted.


    I have worked with companies to protect their brands by performing trademark searches, prosecuting trademarks and litigating to protect their established brands.


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